World of Wellness started in 2022, after Australians endured two years of the longest lockdowns in the world.

We now have a committee of dedicated people who have worked in the health sector, or who are passionate about health reform, safety standards and accountability.

Our team includes health practitioners and health entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds.

  • We launched after the Australian government mandated an experimental, gene-based product for all Australians.
  • We were amazed that NO other treatments were recommended, and natural therapies to boost immunity were ignored.
  • The use of vitamins and healthy diet to build up the immune systems have been consistently proven to be effective. However these options are discouraged in many hospitals, and have received minimal coverage in the media recently.
  • Our leadership team have over 40 years experience in lobbying for reform of the pharmaceutical dominated medical industry, starting with developing new health policy.
  • We believe that both pharmaceutical and natural products should be widely available and affordable.



Making sure people know how to maximise their own health with natural treatments, not promoting disease classifications and a lifetime of drugs.


Giving people information about the importance of natural immunity, naturopathic treatments and good diet.


Working with political and industry leaders to stop industry capture by multinationals and bring back medical independence.

WOW: A Global Movement

Professor Ian Brighthope was recently interviewed by the World Council for Health.

He gave an overview of his long career healing sick people by giving them adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. He discussed the AIDS crisis, his realisation of the importance of nutritious food and a healthy immune system and and his vision for the future of healthcare.

World of Wellness is a coalition partner of the World Council for Health.

There is a Better Way

Professor Ian Brighthope has been at the forefront of advocating for using vitamins and minerals to treat medical conditions for over forty years.

Despite astonishing success in treating unwell people, many hospitals don’t study these treatments or allow their patients to experience them.