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Delia Scales

I can only speak for the nursing industry, but for us, it appears that mandates will continue on, for ever. Nurses I know have been told they can expect to be wearing masks all day, during every shift, for the rest of their career. They are also being told they must undertake a battery of vaccinations every year including the new (mRNA) flu jab, once again, for the rest of their career.

Informally I have been told that since mandates first began 1/3 of nurses have left the profession, many of them experienced and well educated. Hospital administrators have tried to replace them with nurses flown in from overseas, and nursing students brought in from their University courses. Of course the result is a drop in standards of care.

Many of the experienced nurses I know have reacted to the government mandates by simply retraining in natural therapies, like herbs, aromatherapy, massage and diet. It’s been quite an experience, to have gone from traditional nursing and pharmacology, to learning about the power of vitamins and minerals.

We have all been through a huge journey of discovery over the past three years. I don’t think governments and the pharmacology industry quite realised what the consequences of their behaviour during the pandemic would eventually be.

Both health professionals and the public appear to be simply moving away from traditional hospitals, and seeking out integrative GP’s and naturopaths. I’ve been to public emergency departments and bulk billing clinics several times in the past year, and been astonished to find them empty.

I don’t think change comes from the law, but from a substantial number of people changing their behaviour. And from what I’ve seeing, that change is well under way in Australia.