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First Aid Practical Tips

From the battle fields of Ancient Rome to prepping in the 21st Century, first aid is a skill that can teach people how to quickly and effectively help others in need. In this video Delia talks about common conditions people present to Emergency with and how they can be effectively managed by a person with first aid skills and some home equiptment.

Good living and longevity

During this presentation Professor Brighthope discusses the problems with modern medicine and the disease-based model, and explains that communities that live the longest with the least amount of chronic disease have good family and community connections and eat natural, home grown foods.

Know you rights with with Sanchia Romani

During this interview Sanchia Romani explains how she successfully sued the NSW government using the Free Court Act of 1400, after police officers invaded her property without a legal warrant or any proof that illegal activity was taking place.

Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy

Dr Peter McCullough is a highly qualified Cardiologist who responded early to the Covid pandemic. He came up with effective treatment protocols for his patients and published his results. Instead of being rewarded he was attacked by medical boards, his hospital and vilified in the media. In this interview he exposes the bio-medical complex, it’s global group of unaccountable billionaires and the catastrophe they have wrought on both patients and the medical profession.

Parental Rights and other Freedoms under Threat

Neil Angus is a former Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, representing the electoral district of Forest Hill. Neil supports freedom of speech and freedom of medical choice. in 2021, he was the only member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly to oppose the Victorian Government’s vaccine mandates. In this talk he discusses the lockdowns, censorship and destruction of small business, in the terms of Marxist ideology.

5G in our neighbourhood-now what?

5G technology is being rolled our across the West without proper consolation or public education about the risks and benefits. It’s being sold as ‘essential’ for basic internet usage. In fact 5G has military grade technology for high level surveillance and control. Since the introduction of wireless technology there has been dramatic drop in insect levels in countries where this technology is prevent. In this interview Francois Tran discusses human rights around the installation of 5G, and explains how people can regain control of their environment by standing up to governments.

Psychopathy – Simple explanations & hypothesis as to WHY we are in such a mess

Ian points out at the beginning of this interview that we need to ask why people with mental, psychiatric and neuropsychiatric conditions are unwell. This includes looking at environmental issues such as toxicity, as well as physical diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cancers.

Big pharma

“Big Pharma needs sick people to prosper. Patients, not healthy people, are their customers. If everybody was cured of a particular illness or disease, pharmaceutical companies would lose 100% of their profits on the products they sell for that ailment. What all this means is because modern medicine is so heavily intertwined with the financial profits culture, it’s a sickness industry more than it is a health industry.”

Trauma and Recidivist Behaviour in Young Offenders – David Fitts

The pattern David saw in the Australian juvenile justice system was the more traumatic the family background, the greater the number of mental and physical health issues the person had, the more aggressive their offending pattern, which in turn led to a higher recidivist pattern. It wasn’t until he went to the Humbolt County Juvenile Justice Centre in the USA that David saw how successful changing people’s diet and giving them vitamin and mineral supplements could be.

Vaccine injury protocols

Vaccine injuries are complex, distressing and mainstream medicine find them difficult to treat. However there is a growing body of evidence that show various herbal mixtures with a few pharmacy drugs are extremely effective in helping people. These protocols don’t have to be complex. On this post they are set out in picture form, to make vaccine injury protocols easy to understand.

Pandemic freedom – from AIDS and the flu to Covid-19

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Reducing EMR

Main points: We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in everyday life from cell phones to wifi and power lines. EMR exposure has been linked to health issues including headaches, brain tumors, nausea and fatigue. There are now some awesome new products on the market that can protect us from this potentially harmful radiation

Forest of the Fallen

There are no political slogans associated with the Forest of the Fallen displays. There are not even signs saying ‘vaccine injuries’. The only sign that are put around the events say ‘please walk through gently’. Sikli, founder of the movement insists that we must not attack people. “This is about forgiveness and coming together, not blame and division.”

What are we doing to our children?

The numbers of vaccines young children are routinely given has increased by 1000 percent since the post war era. However rates of childhood infectious diseases actually dropped over a century ago, after the sanitation movement brought underground sewerage systems, access to clean water and banned overcrowding and slum housing.

Big corporate big lies

It can be frustrating explaining to friends and family why you don’t want to take endless vaccines, live on take-away food, happily accept 5G towers and smart home devices, or believe everything you see on Facebook. There is no publicly available information about how big pharma, big food, big tech and big communication really operate.

COVID-19: Poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency

Zinc is a trace element with potent immunoregulatory and antiviral properties, and is utilized in the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, we do not know the clinical significance of serum Zinc levels in COVID-19 patients. The aim of this study was to determine the clinical significance of serum zinc in COVID-19 patients and to establish a correlation with disease severity.

Books on Covid and the Vaccines

Books tell a truth that Kings, Churches and Governments often don’t want to hear. Truth about the battles between ideas and armies, truth about economic and social disintegration, truth about people’s ability to both lie and beg for forgiveness.

Vale Olivia Newton John

“Olivia led the focus on wellness and the importance of physical, emotional and spiritual support, not only for the person actually going through a cancer diagnosis but their carers, families and friends”. Todd Harper, Chief executive at Austin Health.

The importance of organic, nutritious food

A growing number of Doctors and natural therapies have been warning about the risks of our modern diet, that is full of sugar, artificial chemicals, hormones and seed oils, while being low in protein, natural fats and vitamins. Rates of chronic disease are rising. Yet many people struggle to access to good dietary advice.

Nutraceutical Integrated Treatment – Managing Cancer

There are natural ways to treat many chronic diseases, from cardiovascular conditions to cancers. These include high dose vitamin C, hyperbaric oxygen, glutathione, selenium, mushroom extracts, vitamin D and Coenzyme Q10. Replacing vitamins, minerals and trace elements, eating nutritious foods and reducing stress can give the body the chance to fight disease, naturally.

E-Books by Professor Ian Brighthope

Professor Ian Brighthope is a prolific author. He has written five books about how to improve your health by eating good quality foods, supporting GUT bacteria, getting levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements up to normal levels, intermittent fasting, meditation and positive thinking, and boosting natural immunity with vitamin C.

Australian Telemedicine

Many Doctors, psychologists and naturopaths are embracing online appointments. This can cut out expensive and time consuming travel time for rural people, as well as save on the cost of running ‘bricks and mortar’ clinics for health professionals. Online or phone health appointments are also known as telemedicine.

Home Preparedness/First aid

First aid began with the Roman military, who had surgeons assisting injured soldiers off the battlefield and into field hospitals. It later expanded to training up civilians to quickly assist injured people in dangerous workplaces. Sterile bandages and disinfectant were put into commercially sold packs. Today first aid is an essential and well established part of modern workforces.

The mind, body and spirit connection – Jacinta McEwan

The catch-all phrase ‘natural therapies’ actually refers to ancient methods of healing, that have been successfully used for centuries across every culture in the world. What distinguishes natural therapies from the last 100 years of pharmacy-based medicine is a holistic approach to health, and an innate belief that if you give the body the right food and encouragement it can heal itself.

The dangers of refined sugars, seed oils and pesticide

Australian Damon Gameau created a global hit with his documentary ‘That Sugar Film’.

Doctor – your septic patients have scurvy

Scurvy is caused by severe vitamin C deficiency. It was once responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of sailors. Today it is considered a ‘very rare disease’. How many consultants realise that 40% of their patients in Intensive Care Units suffering from septic shock, have such low vitamin C levels that they qualify for a diagnosis of scurvy?

Natures protocols to combat side effects – Li the Peoples Pharmacist

It is possible to reduce the levels of the damaging ‘spiked protein’ in the body, down to virtually zero. Li has had great success treating people using a variety of herbs. He believes it is our responsibility to help the vaccine injured as much as possible.

The Lighthouse Declaration

Since 2020 Doctors have been gaslight, bullied and coerced into withholding ‘off patent’ medical treatments and instead, pushing an experimental medical product. In response, a small group of Australian health professional have come together to create a beacon of light amid the darkness of medical censorship.

Why go organic?

The incidents of chronic disease is rising rapidly, obesity, autism, diabetes and life threatening allergies are now common childhood conditions. At the same time human fertility is dropping, with reliance on IVF to have children or an inability to have children at all becoming common place. Research links dangerous farm pesticides, excessive rates of childhood vaccines and growing levels of electro-magnetic pollution to the poor health of modern people.

Natural Childbirth with Maha Al Musa

Maha Al Musa is an international independent childbirth educator, international speaker, birth counsellor and the founder of ‘Body Birth’. She promotes a celebration of the female body and encourages women to experience natural childbirth rather than be subject to excessive medical interventions.

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin resistance

Our current epidemic of obesity has been artificially created. It is due to endocrine disruptors such as vaccinations, microbiome disrupters such as antibiotics given to children in the early stages of life, excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates in diet and lack of exercise. Obesity is not an individual condition. It’s a social illness.

Moving from traditional medicine to natural therapies

Dr Tan struggled with chronic health conditions, however traditional treatments failed. She went on to study alternative therapies and realised her medical training had failed to give her a lot of essential information. She eventually left her traditional medical practice, and now focuses on helping people overcome chronic conditions using herbs and meditation.

Australian health-tech services

Australia has a range of innovative health technology companies, trying to keep people away from expensive and error prone hospitals.

Dr Isaac Golden discusses Homeopathy

The therapeutics of homeopathy was founded by Dr Samuel Hahemann, a German physician (1755 – 1843). He focused on the dynamic and spiritual power of the body, and believed that health is a state of balanced in people’s life force, and any disturbance inevitably results in disease.

Treating turbo cancers with natural therapies

Cancer mortality has been steadily rising over the past five decades. It has been linked by thousands of peer reviewed studies to environmental stresses like pesticides, heavy metals and electromagnetic pollution. A range of nutraceuticals, trace elements, herbal medicines and teas can help rebalance the body and give it the ability to fight cancer, naturally.

Moving Beyond Fear

Fear has been hard wired into our DNA since ancient times. The emotion triggers physiological changes in our body that lead to the release of hormones, that have a widespread impact on our bodies. The way to reduce fear and the damage it causes, it to be aware of what is a valid concern, and what is simply the result of corporate and government propaganda.

Natural cures exist for most illnesses with Professor Ian Brighthope

“I studied agriculture science and then I went into research and teaching, in particular with interests in nutrition. Nutritional approaches to making animals healthy, more fertile, more productive and that was a great background as I started medicine. Clean water, clear air, clean food, all of the nutrients that we need for every system in the body”. 

Boosting natural immunity, long covid and vaccine injuries

When the pandemic first appeared in 2020, Dr Brighthope wrote to Australian health bureaucrats recommending they promote the use of Vitamin D, C and Zinc levels. They ignored him. When serious injuries emerged after the mandating of an experimental, gene editing vaccine he wrote again to them, recommending nutraceuticals to reduce rates of blood clots and cardiac damage. They ignored him again.

National Press Club Address

Some Doctors, politicians and research professionals are trying the restrict public from reaching out towards natural health products. This is being driven by the drug and disease paradigm. A paradigm of power, and money.

Vaccine injury treatments

the WOW International seeks to present the very latest in protocols to help support anyone suffering to accompany the expert assistance offered by ‘on-side’ health practitioners (you may be able to find via our directory.)

Australian Natural Health Therapies

Natural therapies are growing in popularity. Many people are turning away from big pharma and hospital, due to less than satisfactory experiences.
Here you can find an overview of natural therapists by their professional organisations, and directories of qualified practitioners.