WOW Director, Chairman, public relations


Bachelor of Psychology and a Grad Dip in Applied Psychology
BA Naturopathy

Special Interests

Achieving better results by using natural therapies, promoting awareness of global issues and spiritual wisdom.

Work experience

Counsellor within the Juvenile Justice System – Australia
Corporate Human Resources Manager – Australia
Manager of a private naturopath practice – Brighton, Victoria

Overseas study

David studied programs in the USA that offered nutritious food and the replacement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for young offenders, as part of their rehabilitation program.

He was so impressed by the successes of these programs, that on return to Australia David retrained as a naturopath.

avid Fitts has held a lifetime interest in healing and wholeness and believes that the Body/Mind/Spirit axis is the cornerstone to the foundation of total wellbeing.

His early training was in the area of Psychology and Sociology where he gained a BA (Psych) and Grad Dip Applied Psych which led him on a career path firstly as a counsellor within the Juvenile Justice System, then as a Corporate Human Resources Manager.

A trip to the USA where he saw the benefits of diet and mineral therapy improve the lives of juvenile offenders inspired David to return to study where he gained his Naturopathic qualifications and went on to establish his own private practice. In the following years he founded the Australian College of Natural Medicine and held the position of National President of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

  • Better outcomes with natural therapies
  • Mind, body and spirit healing
  • Being able to see the bigger picture
  • Open to new ideas and innovative practices
  • Good communicator
  • Works well in a team
  • Good listener
  • Good at conflict resolution and people management
David says...

“Having been a practitioner of natural medicine for nearly 30 years I have utilised the safe and highly effective methods of Naturopathy to rebuild and restore vitality and wellbeing.

People experiencing all manner of health problem can benefit from Naturopathy’s healing power.

The journey into wellness begins at the physical level yet intrinsically incorporates the aspects of emotional, mental and spiritual health to provide for total wellbeing.

I am dedicated to creating pathways to heal and nurture all aspects of Self.”