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Live catch up with The Wow - Special Guest: Dr Ahmad Malik (Livestream from UK)

TOPIC: “ Doc Maliks simple guide to good health”…

The fight for medical free speech is a fight against the evil and greedy forces of multinational drug companies and their sinister effect on governments and politicians. Dr. Ahmad Malik is a surgeon who refuses to be silenced in the face of this corruption. He is a warrior for his patients, for their safety and for their right to informed consent. Dr. Malik is a passionate and honest surgeon who has been suspended without pay and cancelled because he dared to challenge the government narrative. He spoke out against mandates and lockdowns, questioned experimental jabs, and insisted that there are only two biological sexes. Such a brave stance was enough to make him a target of the powerful and wealthy forces that control the government, politicians, the medical establishment and the general public.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share an afternoon via live stream with this brave man.

When: 3pm-5pm Sunday 23th June 2024

Where: Hampton Uniting Church hall, at 17 Service Street Hampton

There will be tea and coffee plus biscuits available.

A $5 venue hire donation/contribution would be great and will be collected at the entrance.

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