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Welcome to the World of Wellness International


The World of Wellness is an International health advocacy and educational think tank, dedicated to equipping our fellow humans with access to best principles and practices for their individual and collective pursuit of wellbeing.
We are a not for profit organisation which has been established to represent the health, wellbeing and peaceful interests of people everywhere.

To this end, ‘The WOW’ will also commit to working to retain our health sovereignty via research, disease prevention, early treatment and public and government relations.

As we began in Australasia, The WOW will ensure that Australians are safe and protected by a voice for choice in healthcare and the delivery of medicines.

However, The WOW is also dedicated to the retention and improvement of human rights and free will for everyone across our whole Earth, including the right to full and informed consent and the individual’s autonomy over medical procedures free of coercion and other forces.

WOW Founding Director, Professor Ian Brighthope MD, has acted as an advocate of doctors practicing Complementary Medicine for over 35 years. As a surgeon and medic, he has travelled widely and has had training and extensive experience in Crisis Management, Risk Management and Public/Government Relations.

Professor Brighthope’ s lifelong ambition is to help change the way medicine and healthcare is practiced for the benefit of the public and to see nutrition, nutritional and environmental medicine and herbal medicine become the building blocks and keystones to world health and peace.

Our offer

Great resources and services

The WOW team talks on a regular basis with both Australian and international health professionals about the best ways to manage Covid-related illnesses.

Every day Doctors and naturopaths are discovering successful ways in treating people successfully.

Conversations with Ian Brighthope

WOW has been holding fortnightly interviews with a wide range of people who are passionate about safe and effective healthcare. Often Professor Ian Brighthope is part of the conversation.

Topics range from the empowerment of natural childbirth, to GP’s moving out of traditional medicine and into alternative therapies.

Interviews go for an hour, cover a wide range of subjects and are alway engaging and informative.

Stay informed

Professor Ian Brighthope has published five books about building a strong immune system, fighting fatigue, managing diabetes, sleeping soundly without medications and fighting AIDS. They are all available for members to download and read.

We also have keep up to date with international experts who have published books about corporate malfeasance, subversive warfare and the modern epidemic of chronic diseases in children.

First aid

What can you do when the ambulance does not come…

Or you are out in a rural area…

You don’t feel comfortable reaching out for assistance from traditional medical services…

Or you can’t afford a private Doctor?

You have more choices than you realise!

Telemedicine means you can see a Doctor anywhere in the world. Step outside the box of government lockdowns, traffic snarls, language difficulties or just not feeling comfortable with your local GP.

Health is a global industry and you are a global citizen. Feel free to call a dermatologist in America, a relaxation guide in Thailand, a herbalist in China or a physio in Mexico.

Don’t forget many consumer health technology devices can now use the power of your smartphone to take very accurate readings and send the results via the internet.

It’s your health and your body. Take back control.

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The Power of Food with Dr Damian Kristof

Dr Damian Kristof is a nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor who is is a highly sought speaker in the Wellness industry. He points out that a lot of food and nutrition advice given by 'experts' in Australia, is actually being funded by big agriculture, big pharma and junk food corporations. In contrast Damian believes we should eat the most unprocessed foods possible.
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Good living and longevity

During this presentation Professor Brighthope discusses the problems with modern medicine and the disease-based model, and explains that communities that live the longest with the least amount of chronic disease have good family and community connections and eat natural, home grown foods.
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