Sam Seoud & Chris Nemeth @ The WOW Sunday Symposium Series

9 Jul 2023 Sunday Series
Sam Seoud & Chris Nemeth @ The WOW Sunday Symposium Series


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Hamptom Uniting Church Hall
17 Service Street, Hampton, Victoria, 3188

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July 9th 2023 sees Sam Seoud present on his personal perspective as a young handicapped man about the NDIS and vaccine mandates.

Additionally we welcome Chris Nemeth’s sharing on his vaccine injuries and journey so far…


Chris Nemeth, prior to Covid was healthy, married, the Father of 2 boys and in his late 40’s.

He had worked in International Freight and Logistics for 30 years and was an active participant in his local community.

Chris received his first dose of the AZ vaccine mid July 2021 and his resulting journey, including the challenges of accessing the Australian Government Covid 19 Vaccine Claims Scheme emanate from that date.

Chris is speaking out, as he has on Channel 7 nightly news, Hoody and John on Club Grubbery and most recently at the Melbourne event of the AMPS Dr Aseem Malhotra‘s Australian Tour, sharing his story to bring awareness and support to those who, like him, have been affected by the MRNA vaccines.

Hi, my name is Sam.
I’m 31yo & in a wheelchair due to spinal cord injury.
I joined WOW due to common interests & concerns with today’s world, with particular relevance to the covid farse & it’s related jab mandates.
Please, come along & hear how these unlawful mandates have negatively affected people like myself as well as carers all throughout the disability sector.


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