Patricia Schinck


Certificate Nursing

Grad Cert in Critical Care (Cardiac Speciality)

Special interests

Cardiology, Neurology, Ethical issues in Heath Care

Work experience

30 years Critical Care specialising in Coronary Care

Occupation Health and Safety Officer

Core values

Social justice, accountability, transparency

Patricia Schinck

Is a highly skilled cardiac and neurology nurse with many years experience in Melbourne’s busy public hospitals. She also worked as an Occupations Health and Safety Representative on the wards, making sure her employer provided a safe environment for nurses. Trish has a deep commitment to public health and support for nurses.

Patricia currently coordinates IV vitamin C training for nurses.

Her future plans include working in rural and remote health and public advocacy.

Nurses are the backbone of the health industry. They admit, assess, prepare, educate, monitor, document, liase and discharge patients all shift long.

The health of patients in hospitals is directly linked to the health of nurses.

Less educated nurses means higher rates of patient errorsLess experienced nurses means higher rates of avoidable hospital readmissionsHospitals that commit to improved nursing retention rates have improved patient satisfaction scores

So supporting Australian nurses and keeping them safe and able to work effectively, is a key priority of public health policy.

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