Ben Bornstein


Bachelor of Electronic/Electrical Engineer – Melbourne University

Special interests

Ben likes to be known as ‘the nobody who knows everybody’.

Ben’s analytical skills helped uncover some truths about Covid-19, Health, Politics and Human Rights

Work experience

Ben has moved from engineering to logical thinking, systems analysis to global networking

Ben Bornstein

Graduated as an Electronic/Electrical Engineer at Melbourne University; while education was still free and so were most of your thoughts.

In March of 2020 Ben recalls closely monitoring the emerging Covid-19 situation and hearing of Dr Zelenko and his testimony that he had a risk stratified early treatment protocol that was very successful; involving Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and an Antibiotic.

Dr. Zelenko was a religious Jew and hence likely to have a strong Moral compass and his treatment protocol appeared to check out with scientific studies and principles; namely papers were already around showing how Zinc once entering the cell stops the RNA replication phase of very similar Corona Viruses and Hydroxychloroquine acted as a Zinc ionophore that allowed Zinc to cross the cell outer wall and into the cytoplasm.

The moment Dr Zelenko’s protocol was ridiculed in the media in lock step with politicians and big pharmaceutical, Ben knew something was not Kosher.

This sent Ben delving into statistics that should have been made public such as the risk stratification of Covid-19 which showed that barely any healthy adults and literally zero healthy children were at serious risk from Covid 19; the exception being those with multiple co-morbidities and the elderly – those above 70.

There appeared to Ben, multiple things that the public could have done to better prepare for Covid-19 that were not being conveyed to the public or even worse were being censored.

Ben volunteered to assist the Covid Medical Network and got to work networking.

These people include; Professor Ian Brighthope, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Clancy, Dr Thomas Borody, Dr Gerry Brady, Dr Brian Tyson, Dr Simone Gold, Dr Robert Malone, Professor Ted Steele, Dr Christopher Neil, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Shankara Chetty, Dr Jackie Stone, Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr George Fareed, Suspended Dr Mark Hobart, Suspended Dr William Bay, Professor Harvey Risch, Dr Mark McDonald, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Robert Brennan – It was a special privilege for Ben to have also worked with and interviewed the late Dr Vladimir Zelenko and the Late Dr Ananda Prasad.

Political connections include Former MP Craig Kelly, Clive Palmer, Senator Malcom Robert, Monica Smit, Kevin Loughrey, Senator Gerard Rennik, Senator Alex Antic, US Senator Ron Johnson.

And Ben also networks with the Legal Heroes such as Tony Nikolic and Media Heroes like Rebecca Weiser, Graham Hood, Rowan Dean, Alan Jones, Jennifer Squires and Mike Ryan. Other notable connections and resources include John Huntley (The other nobody who knows everybody), Charles Covess, and an ever growing network.

The extensive network of connections with people that Ben considers Heroes has helped Ben see clearly through the intentionally muddied waters stirred up with Covid-19.

It is also fairly easy for Ben to recognise the Data that should be more available to the public and to recognise when data is being made difficult to find or understand but should be brought into the light of day.

Ben was inspired by the lifetime work of Professor Ian Brighthope and what Ben would call the unparalleled knowledge base of what the human body needs to perform at its optimal Wellness.

Australian focus

After recognising how broken the Australian Health Care System is and the shortcomings of Australian Health Regulatory
Authorities, Ben is delighted to join the advisory board of The World Of Wellness International.

He looks forward to assisting it to become the beacon for trustworthy Health Practitioners around Australia, and across the world.

Ben is honoured to be in close contact with those he calls Medical and Political Heroes.

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