Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers who came together in August 2022 to stand up to the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Melbourne, Australian was touted by the Premier as as being the ‘most locked down city in the world’. The consequences have been destroyed businesses, broken relationships between friends and families and now, a rising number of vaccine injuries.We care passionately about our community, our country and want to see good health and common sense restored.

What are we trying to achieve?

World of Wellness or ‘the WOW’ believes that health comes from good nutritious food, exercise and a positive outlook.We offer an alternative to the governments policy of locking people in their homes for months on end and forcing them to repeatedly take experimental injections.

Why is WOW a private membership site?

Several reasons. The first is the increasing censorship of anything that contradicts government health officials policies. Just talking about natural immunity, vitamin D, C and Zinc can get you sacked in today’s world. We need to protect ourselves and the community we are trying to build.The second is the need to survive financially. We won’t be able to meet our goals unless we can at least cover our running costs.

Where does your money go?

We have a treasurer who monitors our income, pays our bills and keeps a tally of costs.Our main outgoings are currently website development, printing of graphics and promotional material and the costs of running IV vitamin C training courses.We are currently applying for Not for Profit status and when that is through, we hope to promote WOW to philanthropic groups and individuals as a way to give back to the community, while receiving a tax deduction.

Where do you expect to be in five years?

WOW already has an affiliation with ten health and freedom-focused organisations.We hope to grow into a substantial organisation that connects with international groups like the World Council for Health. WOW would like to expand its natural therapies training program to include both Doctors and the general public.Professor Brighthope would like a million people to come together and lobby politicians and business leaders.We hope to be able to say ‘never again’ to lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Where do you see this organisation in ten year's time?

This organisation will be a thriving hub of resources for the community to access conveniently, with the ability to make private referrals to other wellness consultants.We are here to promote the global movement towards natural therapies, with links to best practice from science and medical groups.We aim to separate health from politics, return trust to the best practices of medicine and to prevent bureaucrats from interfering in the patient Doctor relationship.We believe that in the future Australians will take more control over their own health decisions.And the already popular wholistic therapies community will grow to become the largest sector in healthcare, with Medicare rebate available.

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