Psychopathy – Simple explanations & hypothesis as to WHY we are in such a mess

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Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin resistance

Our current epidemic of obesity has been artificially created. It is due to endocrine disruptors such as vaccinations, microbiome disrupters such as antibiotics given to children in the early stages of life, excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates in diet and lack of exercise. Obesity is not an individual condition. It's a social illness.

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Treating turbo cancers with natural therapies

Cancer mortality has been steadily rising over the past five decades. It has been linked by thousands of peer reviewed studies to environmental stresses like pesticides, heavy metals and electromagnetic pollution. A range of nutraceuticals, trace elements, herbal medicines and teas can help rebalance the body and give it the ability to fight cancer, naturally.

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Moving Beyond Fear

Fear has been hard wired into our DNA since ancient times. The emotion triggers physiological changes in our body that lead to the release of hormones, that have a widespread impact on our bodies. The way to reduce fear and the damage it causes, it to be aware of what is a valid concern, and what is simply the result of corporate and government propaganda.

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