Kara Thomas


Bachelor of Nursing – 2001

Graduate Certificate (Perioperative) – 2007

Masters of Community and International Development – 2016

Work experience

Registered Nurse, working in theatre, periop. Supervisory roles, research nurse, supporting the education of
junior nurses – 2001 to 2016

Director of Research and Advocacy for Cherish Life – 2016 to 2017

Volunteer research officer for Women’s Forum Australia – 2015 to 2016

Research and writing for the Australian Child Protection Advocacy

Secretary (part of the executive team) on the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS)

Kara Thomas -

Feels that nursing is more than a job, it is also a calling and a passion.

Kara specialised in perioperative nursing early in her career, working in theatre as a nurse then completed post graduate qualifications and moved into to supervisory and educational roles.

She then went on to use her knowledge to research and contribute to policy discussion in both the social and medical service sector.

In 2017 Kara wrote an article titled: The Lost Children, Why the United Nations is wrong about Australian Child Protection, which was published by the Australian Centre for Independent Studies.

She started writing for the Spectator in August 2022, after being introduced to the editor Alexandra Marshall, and co wrote her first article titled The End of Medicine.

Kara has continued to write and submit articles for the Spectator.

Kara is currently a member of the Executive Team at the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS). This professional association offers an alternative to the Australian Medical Association (AMA). They support independent medical practice, freedom from bureaucratic interference in the patient Doctor relationship and an end to the censorship and deregistration of Doctors who question government policies.

"Can there be trust in public health without access to truth, without honourable conduct, and without integrity?"

Published articles

The End of Medicine?
Confidence through Censorship the Medical Ministry of Truth
Courage is the Cure
Saving Medicine from the Health Bureaucracy
Censorship a Threat to Public Health and Safety
Did the Ivermectin Ban Cost Lives?
Australia’s Erosion of Informed Consent and the Avoidable Death of Children
Restoring Trust in Public Health
Aseem Malhotra Truth Seeker and Truth Teller

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