The mind, body and spirit connection – Jacinta McEwan

The catch-all phrase 'natural therapies' actually refers to ancient methods of healing, that have been successfully used for centuries across every culture in the world. What distinguishes natural therapies from the last 100 years of pharmacy-based medicine is a holistic approach to health, and an innate belief that if you give the body the right food and encouragement it can heal itself.

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Moving from traditional medicine to natural therapies

Dr Tan struggled with chronic health conditions, however traditional treatments failed. She went on to study alternative therapies and realised her medical training had failed to give her a lot of essential information. She eventually left her traditional medical practice, and now focuses on helping people overcome chronic conditions using herbs and meditation.

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Moving Beyond Fear

Fear has been hard wired into our DNA since ancient times. The emotion triggers physiological changes in our body that lead to the release of hormones, that have a widespread impact on our bodies. The way to reduce fear and the damage it causes, it to be aware of what is a valid concern, and what is simply the result of corporate and government propaganda.

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